Polite Provisions, San Diego, California

Polite Provisions, San Diego, California

"If someone would have told me that we would quadruple our average month’s revenue by hosting the pop-up, I would never have believed them. But, we did! Everything the Miracle team has developed over the years comes together to create an amazing guest experience, and we’re excited to host the pop-up for many years to come."

/  Justin Lavenue, The Roosevelt Room in Austin, Texas  /


"Miracle is our favorite, insanely busy way to end every year with our team. Using cocktails, hospitality, music, and extreme amounts of holiday baubles, we help bring a much needed dose of cheer to our city."

/  Eric Simpkins, The Lawrence IN Atlanta, Georgia  /


"Miracle in San Francisco was an absolute success! Not only did it bring in guests that have never been to PCH, it made us all new regulars that can't wait for Miracle to come back. Hands down the best business model out there with proven success."

/  Kevin Diedrich, Pacific Cocktail Haven IN San Francisco, California  /


"Bringing something fun and exciting like this to a small market like Connecticut was refreshing for our guests to experience. We were well-received and doubled our sales for December from last year. Can’t wait to host it again."

/  Dimitri Zahariadis, Highland Brass Co. IN Waterbury, Connecticut  /


"From a bartender's perspective, the program is super bartender friendly. And not only are the drinks great, the money is even better! We exponentially grew our numbers, sales, and tips. Can't wait to do it again next year."

/  Dylan March, The Courtesy Bar IN Orlando, Florida  /


"Miracle on Delray Beach at Death or Glory was a tremendously successful partnership for us! In warmer markets, providing an excuse to get into the holiday spirit was contagious, and with local press and word of mouth, the interest in our cocktail bar spread like wildfire. The recipes, retail items, and marketing materials provided by Miracle set us up for such success that the hardest part about participating in this pop-up was looking at January's numbers."

/  Annie Blake, Death or Glory IN Delray Beach, FLorida  /


"Working with Miracle this year blew last year out of the water! December is already our busiest month so it was hard to imagine a huge increase in sales. I was wrong! We nearly doubled our sales from last year's Miracle pop-up. The camaraderie that was built between staff and management to make this year a success has continued to shine."

/  Anu ApteElford, Rob roy IN Seattle, Washington  /


"Miracle brought a new way to express the holidays, and a new way to showcase craft cocktails to a town that is working its way toward becoming more modern. We were greatly successful with lines down the block open 'til close every day we operated."

/  Bryan Robertson, Render Kitchen & Bar IN South Bend, Indiana  /


"Miracle was exactly the thing that San Diego was looking for. Even though it is clear skies and sunshine during December, local cocktail lovers were still looking for a haven for holiday cheer and they were willing to travel from all the way across the county to experience it."

/  Erick Castro, Polite Provisions IN San Diego, California  /


"Being the first Miracle pop-up in Asia was a major risk for us at Lily and Bloom. But with the communication and support of the Miracle staff, it was a major success! We had one of the best months in our 7 year history. We can't wait to bring it back with a full year of publicity to back it up."

/  John Nugent, Lily & Bloom IN Hong Kong  /


"Being able to marry two of my favorite things, Christmas and cocktails, is a dream come true. We have hosted Miracle for 2 years now, and it has allowed us to reach new clientele, grow our business, and experience record-breaking sales, all while spreading Christmas cheer! Plus, using Miracle as a way to partner with a local charity, we've been able to give back to our community."

/  Jamie Kilgore, Planter's House in Saint Louis, Missouri  /


"Not only did we see an enormous spike in business for the month of December, but we've been experiencing great retention ever since, after having ended up on the radars of customers who wouldn't have known about us otherwise."

/  Will Hollingsworth, The Spotted Owl in Cleveland, Ohio  /